Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Maps - A Sudbury Sense of Place

photo by: DANIEL JAMES
It seems that no matter who you are or where you are from, living or visiting Sudbury leaves a strong impression, based not only on the Northern landscape but the iconic sights and landmarks that help to define the 'experience' of Sudbury. In this photo taken by Daniel James on holiday from Texas, we see the CPR Railyard, which since 1883 has marked Sudbury as a settlement. Located in the Downtown it continues to be a unique Sudbury Cityscape feature as rail cars and trains rumble through the city.

While a local Group ImagineSudbury is proposing to remove the tracks and explore opportunities for Downtown renewal the sense of place engendered by the old railyard is something that marks the Downtown as unique. With the beautiful heritage railway station also in disrepair and underutilized the long gone glory days of rail travel as a transportation hub have been bypassed by the building of the Paris Street bridge and arterial roadways which most Sudburians use to avoid the downtown and rarely if ever venture into.

photo by: ideanorth
photo by: ideanorth

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