Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy Hazy Days of July

Photos:The 3R's meet public art around downtown Sudbury as University of Waterloo School of Architecture students exhibit 5 design pieces using recycled materials. The project's main dashboard can be found at Civic Square and is part of the campaign to locate Ontario's newest School of Architecture in Sudbury

Earth News
Spirit of Great Bear watches over Canadian rainforest
A ban on pesticides will make a perfect lawn in Ontario a little tougher to achieve.
Biodiversity: Some species could be wiped out 100 times faster
than feared, say researchers
Resist corporate control with square foot gardening

Climate Change:
City of Albuquerque New Mexico steams ahead with impressive carbon reduction plan
U.S. Government finally publishes document on climate change
Lawsuit accuses big oil of conspiracy to deceive public about climate change

Alternative Energy:
How a Giant Solar Tower Could Power the Future
Experts say China’s wind energy could grow 1667% by 2020
Meet the underwater Anaconda snake that could solve our energy problems

This month GreenSudbury

Cheered for the city to back solar work
Boosted the greenville city at northern lights festial boreal
"The one-stop-shop for all your local food needs! "Where: Inside the Downtown Farmers' Market (corner of Elm and Elgin)

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