Monday, June 30, 2008

Some Good GreenMedia from GreenSudbury

  • Gas wars are class wars suggests a member of the rainforest action network.With the City considering upwards of $30 million for new road work including the Barrydowne bypass what subsidies are being considered for public transit?
  • Watch out NLFB!! CitySol is NYC's hugely popular solar music and culture festival. See the photos from and get charged up.

Photo Credit:
Debb Trahan-Pero eco-sense
  • Eat local food store opened this week at the Farmers Market.Locavore is another another installment on living off the grid from Deanne Brebner and Don Bisonnette of Sutton, Quebec featured in
  • Click here to listen to Mayor Will Wynn of Austin Texas who was a keynote speaker at this year’s Sustainable Operations Summit in Monterey, California.
  • Canadian mining activities were addressed this week when Rural Mexicans traveled to Toronto to address the use of cyanide in Gold extraction.
  • An alternative to Cement driveway construction in this little tidbit from House Obsession

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GreenSudbury Think Local Act Local

Thanks to Local GreenSudbury Facebook subscriber Debb Trahan-Pero for allowing us to feature her amazing local nature photography. Debb also has has a local eco-sense blog.
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Local Green News:

  • This month both the SouthSider and Northernlife included a GreenLiving and Green Media insert while CBC announced the launch of Cambrian College's new media director Jessica Grillanda's (of Definitely not the Opera fame) bi-weekly column Eco-Tips in July.
  • Local climate change Film "Open you eyes and see" from Grade 8 Pius XII class premieres and Director of education Catherine McCullough orders a DVD for every school in the Sudbury Catholic District School Board.
  • Laurentian University's MIRARCO Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaption Resources
  • receives $350,000 for climate change research.

On the GreenCity front:
  • What might a GreenSudbury look like? This month new green organic waste bins began appearing in select ward neighborhoods as part of the 1.7 million waste diversion program.
  • has an ironic piece on the bureaucratic nightmare one Toronto architect's plan for a Green house created entitled "The road to hell is paved with green intentions". City planners can view a project in re-imagining a future city here.
  • Meanwhile, California continues it's Leeds building in the new California Academy of Sciences
  • building. A science museum renovation designed by award winning architect Renzo Piano featuring a living roof and swamp as a tourist attraction that could almost be a blueprint for Science North and the local drive for a Sudbury School of Architecture.
  • Elsewhere, in the German city of Marburg -population 80,000 (similar in size to Sudbury) and famous for it's university, the local Green mayor has mandated solar panel installation on all new home construction and roof renovations.

The Green Family:
  • This summer children and nature has tons of tips on outdoor nature based activities including tree houses and enviro summer boot camps. EnviroMom is one moms personal blog from Seattle and this article on family biking was fresh and should be a fun read for Sudbury's critical mass bike group.
  • Or visit ecoMoms blog on ideas to harness the power of Green Women!

It's the Green economy stupid!

Can't see the forest for the trees:
  • The city of Sudbury's VETAC land reclamation celebrated their 30th anniversary . See what species are being replanted here and where in Sudbury.
  • Google Earth has a new State of the World's Forest layer - to visualize and see the data on rainforest's or Northern Ontario's Boreal forest. A beautiful piece from sustainablog on hummingbirds

Green Spirit:

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

GreenSudbury Top Sudbury Environmental News from May 2008

Long Lake acrobat bears Long Lake Acrobat Bear
Photo licensed under Creative Commons courtesy of
GreenSudbury Top Sudbury Environmental News from May 2008

  • After years of data collection the $10 million dollar Sudbury Soils Study, was released to the public. The study found no appreciable current human health risks after decades of local mining and processing activities from Vale/Inco and Xstrata/Falconbridge. Media coverage and reaction was extensive with hundreds of citizens attending the public meetings including United Steel Workers of America and Mine Mill representatives who questioned the study methodology of not including pensioners and retirees in determining health effects.
  • Myths and Mirrors launches Whats the Risk postcard encouraging discussion on the Soils Samples Study.
  • NorthWatch and MiningWatch release report on the state of Mining and Boreal Forests.Read the Sudbury Star article or Download the .pdf
  • City of Greater Sudbury releases its official Master plan with Watershed, Lake and Environmental protection priorities.Download the .pdf
  • City plans Green building to rebuild Portions of Pioneer Manor destroyed in fire.
  • Greater Sudbury ReGreening Staff plant 3000 jack and white pine, tamarack and white spruce on the Azilda ski trail site.
  • City Bicycle advisory panel and Sudbury Transit announce bike racks on city bus routes Route 703 - Val Caron / Hanmer / Capreol.
  • Ward 6 Coun. AndrĂ© Rivest sends out 13, 000 flyers to promote the BarryDowne Extension, a 10 km (6 mile) connecting road claiming the road will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing commuting times and idling times caused by congestion at intersections along MR 80 and at the Lasalle - Notre Dame intersection
  • Sudbury Green Party and T.A.G. presented the 11th Hour at the Parkside Older Adults Center.
  • Gordon Harris local Green candidate and Liz May of the Green Party hosted a meet and greet at Respect is Burning, a Chamber of Commerce breakfast at the Idylwylde Golf and Country Club and a Laurentian University Womens alumni event. Read the Sudbury Star coverage.
  • Stephane Dion of the Liberal Party stopped in to Science North and promised a Green election campaign stating “ I will make climate change the core of my next campaign because it is the worse ecological threat that humanity is facing,”

  • Junction Creek Stewardship Committee continued its Brook Trout Re-introduction Program releasing 1000 Brook Trout May 22nd at Twin Forks Park with help from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Scouts.
  • Cedar Green golf course in Garson in conjunction with Junction Creek Stewardship Committee begin watering its greens using a newly-constructed pond.
  • Science North receives funding for an film on Climate Change and premieres locally produced film Mysteries of the Great Lakes (runs May 5 - June 27)
  • The 3rd Annual Geo cache Hike 'n' Seek took place May 31 at the Rotary Park Trail (Adanac Ski Hill)
  • The Stopciati Gallery presented The Bear Project "Are black bears encroaching on our territory or are we encroaching on theirs?", an exhibition of paintings by Suzanne McCrae during the month of May.
  • Caisse Populaire on Lasalle promoted fair trade and the environment giving away tree seedlings when switching to a paperless account during environment week.
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