Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook Friday - Lets Fix Our Amphitheatre

Every Friday, GreenSudbury profiles a Facebook group that is using the social network to talk about and share information about Sudbury

Following the 2008 Sudbury City Council defeat of a proposal to
develop a multi purpose arts facility, local artist Rod Bazinet began a campaign to preserve and upgrade the city's best known outdoors arts venue -Bell Park Amphitheatre.

With a public meeting under its belt, a letter writing campaign to local City Councilors and a facebook group with over 300 members the Lets Fix Our Amphitheatre group is raising the issue of arts facilities, civic pride, and an artistic political voice to speak out for the city's heritage and funding priorities.

They have uncovered a previously approved plan for the Grace Hartman venue upgrades and are following the current budgeted items including parking, Jim Gordon Walkway, canteen improvements on Ramsey lake home to Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury Dragon Boat Festival, SummerFest and more.


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