Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sudbury St. Louis de Gonzague Slated for Demolition

St. Louis de Gonzaguue school was named after Aloysius Gonzaga and is also the patron Saint of the St. Aloysius elementary school next door.Both schools have been closed for decades as a result of low enrollment, and shifting demographics.
Located directly across from Sudbury Secondary School in the central school hub of MaryMount College and College NotreDame, the area between Kathleen Street and Mackenzie/College Street is now slated for the Downtowns newest housing development in years.

The neighbourhood, home of the Main public library site, St. Joseph Rectory, Christ the King, St. Annes Church, and the Sudbury Star and CBC, reflects its central importance to the city over the years as a gateway entry point. Situated on the edge of the multi ethnic 'donovan', francophone Flour Mill and the core downtown, the neighbourhood has always been a barometer of the shifting tides of the City

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this school closed after my grade 1 year,quite honestly , i loved that school, and i was really sad when it closed down and my mom sent me to a different school than the other students when it closed , i had more friends in that school than i did in any other elementry school,i had a blast <3