Saturday, May 30, 2009

Downtown Sudbury May 2009

One of 3 new French bookstores in Sudbury has put out a few tables on Durham street and is the perfect spot this summer to be seen wearing your beret and drinking cappuccinos.But more seriously building a revitalized culturally alive mainstreet has been happpening in the Downtown core over the last 5-7 years, with new businesses from the arts community stepping forward.This location was the launch site for Mariana Lafrance's photography book 'La Ville Invisible' - commissioned by the city for the 125th anniversary. Mariana ran the city's first photo blog at The Little Smoke

Meanwhile, the provincial building provides a bike rack for the public while warning against biking. And they are very serious about the signage!

Cost of signage?

One of a handful of public benches in the downtown core
Every set of light standards runs close to $100,000 to be installed, complete with engineering studies, transportation planning and the whole lot. Yet for 90% less, a share of proven alternatives are ready to be implimented.

It seems like a lot of people are just well directed to drive past the downtown as they head toward greener destinations. Even the Sudbury transit signage is smaller and relegated to the bottom of the list.

One of only 2 Zebra walks in the downtown core - with emphasis on the 5 seniors residences located in walking distance. Cost: paint vs a set of lights?

The Sudbury transit islands are actually fairly funky structures

And whats the summer without a little sidewalk work?
Not a new bike rack, bike lane or new piece of street furniture to be seen anywhere. Serious serious lack of seating throughout the Downtown.

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priestpilot said...

Well, I knew it was bad for cyclists in Sudbury...but I didn't think it was THIS bad! I live in Ottawa and I'm pro-transit and pro-bike, which is fine there most of the time. I am from Sudbury however, and I'm not in downtown much...I pretty much just drive through it! When I do go there though, I prefer to take the bus. It's almost impossible to bike from Azilda...