Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You got the whole world in your hands

Everyone sing along because you know you know the words! Sudbury Earth Day 2008 closed with a wonderful Green film festival at the Rainbow Cinema's in the City Center. A little over 100 in attendance watched films on Composting in New York, a short animation on global warming, the challenge of the Inuit in adapting to loss of language and culture, and coop farming all chosen from the Toronto environment film festival Planetinfocus.

Fridays at the farm was a wonderful first person short on family's and organic farming on a farm coop in Pennsylvania. Using over 20,000 digital pictures and a macro lens the film beautifully illustrated how digital photography can be turned into wonderful films. The film is from Coyopa a socially conscious film distribution company.

Taking photo's and taking care of the earth are one of the ways that art and environment meet up. Locally the
Living with Lakes Center has posted the winners of the 2008 calendar photography contest at Picture our Lakes . Calendars are also available for purchase at artistsonelgin.

Laurentian University and the Cooperative Fresh Water Ecology Unit also invite you to do your bit and adopt a lake at the same time. The center promises to be a state of the art
Green building and should be of interest to all local home builders and commercial developers. A good place to start and check your Leeds standards.

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