Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Green Buzz

Whats the buzz Tell me whats a Happening.

According to Neilson Buzz online metrics, the level of books, blogging and public discussion on Green topics has risen by 50% over the past year. Surprisingly, discussion on global warming and organics have fallen while the discussion has broadened to include packaging, plastics,transportation and the 3'R's.

According to the March , 2008 report "For example, in the retail sector, while Wal-Mart and Target both introduced reusable shopping bags, some consumers voiced skepticism towards Wal-Mart because of its association with environmental, labor, and health care issues."

According to a Shopper Environmental Sentiment survey
66% of U.S. respondents sometimes purchase Green products , the Cone 2008 Green Gap survey lists the rate at 40% and Minto market research rates a total of 200 million Americans as having a Green purchasing posture for enviro friendly products in certain categories - 66% paper products and 57% food.

"For example, 36 percent found the message “environmentally friendly” credible when used to describe a paper product, but 60 percent found the message “made with 80% post-consumer recycled paper” credible.

So, a Green rebranding is not necessarily enough to convince the public of a businesses' enviro- bona fides.

Pollster Harris Interactive identifys 23% of the new 'eco-boomers' demographic (ages 18 - 31) as no longer purchasing plastic bottled water for Green reasons.

And it's not just a question of purchasing but of also dropping product lines all together!

Green market consumers use online searching for 80% of their environmental information and according to
BurstMedia and a third or 37% recall viewing 'Green Messaging'. Have you started to think about the GreenMarket yet?

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