Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is it time for a Car Free Experiment in Downtown Sudbury?

The intersection of Elgin St. and Durham St. in Downtown Sudbury has been the venue for 5 festival clsoings in the last 2 weeks alone - and the City managed to survive. Which begs the question- could Sudbury attempt a care free zone as one innovation at revitalization.

This question was raised in this weekends local paper here in an interview with Joel Crawford, author of Carfree Cities.In January of this year the same suggestion was submitted during a 2 day series of community workshops hosted by Walk and Bike For Life's Gil Penosa and made it's way into the official Trails For Active Transportation report submitted to the city.

In fact at some point in the mid 90's Durham Street was permanenetly blocked off with flower planters before the new YMCA center was built, so it has been attempted before.

Just more food for thought

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