Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nuclear lies, green truths – An evening on climate solutions

What is the quickest way to stop a wind turbine? Build a nuclear reactor.

Join Executive Director Bruce Cox of Greenpeace Canada and the Greater Sudbury Environment Network for an evening presentation and discussion on Tuesday, March 10th beginning at 7 pm in the Foyer at City Hal. The focus of the evening is on climate change solutions and how nuclear power threatens to put the brakes on green energy in Ontario.

Right now, Ontario is at a crossroads in terms of how electricity is going to be supplied to customers like you and me. In the next few weeks the Ontario government will release their Green Energy Act, and decide whether or not to rebuild the Pickering "B" nuclear reactor and potentially launch massive spending on new nuclear stations.

Pouring millions into new nukes is not only a bad decision for our economy and environment, it will effectively stop Ontario's renewable energy potential and fundamentally undermine Canada's ability to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Come out for an interesting evening of presentations and discussion on climate solutions and how nuclear power stands in their way. We need your help to tell the McGuinty government to say 'No' to $40 billion in new nuclear projects and 'Yes' to green power.

Admission is free.

The address for City Hall is 200 Brady St.- located at Tom Davies Square, Sudbury.

For more information call Scott Card | Greater Sudbury Environment Network at 705.674.1685 or Miriam Stucky | Nuclear Lies, Green Truths Tour Organizer at 705.749.1588

Check out A Smarter Energy Plan for Ontario:

Join the campaign to shut down the Pickering nuclear station: 30km.

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